Republic of Malta

Malta has attracted huge foreign investments with its sound legal system, well-established economic environment and high-quality workforce. As a business and finance centre, the nation provides attractive business solutions for both individuals and transnational corporations.


  • Taxpayers keep their investment tax payable to a minimum level with Malta’s the full imputation system and over 70 double taxation agreements with over 70 countries;
  • Company tax is fully vested on shareholders; when calculating personal income tax, this part of withholding tax must be estimated as part of their dividend income and added to their taxable income. After calculating the total tax burden, the withholding amount is credited;
  • High-quality office space for foreign companies, with complementary business, retail, entertainment, commercial and residential spaces.

Company Registration Requirements:

  • At least one shareholder is needed at the time of business registration;
  • One director and a secretary according to the Maltese Commercial Law are necessary;
  • Minimum share capital of approximately EUR 1,200 that can be denominated in any currency;
  • A legal representative with residency in Malta.

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