Belize offshore companies enjoy the benefit of clear and advantageous foreign income tax exemption regulations. They do not need to submit annual statements and annual financial statements, and the choice of company names is wider than that of the BVIs.


  • Authentic shareholder information of registered Belize companies is hidden; complete confidentiality and anonymity, with no annual report required;
  • Belize companies outside of Belize can issue shares with no par value in either a registered or anonymous way;
  • Business activities and transactions of registered Belize companies outside Belize are completely tax-free;
  • Registering an offshore company in Belize is fast and convenient, requiring only one shareholder. There are no restrictions on nationality. Individuals or legal persons can serve as company directors/shareholders without the need to appoint a company secretary
  • Chinese company names are permissible;
  • After the establishment of the company, bank accounts can be opened all over the world, without foreign exchange control, and free access to funds and profits are not restricted.

Company Registration Requirements:

  • A copy of ID card or passport; proof of residence, i.e. a document listing the name and address, such as utility bills, telephone bills;
  • Name check with the Belize Companies Register, to make sure that the proposed company name is permissible; the company name cannot contain words related to the Belize government or insurance, unless another relevant license is applied for;
  • Belize company registered capital: nominal capital is generally US$50,000, and the minimum actual capital is generally one share; shares may or may not have a denomination. At the same time, bearer shares are also allowed;
  • At least one shareholder, who can be a natural person or a legal person, and can be a resident or legal person of any nationality;
  • Company’s Memorandum and Article of Association (MAA) filed with the Registrar in Belize.

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