Seychelles companies are mainly divided into: International Business Company (IBC) and Special License Company (CSL). Regarding for company registration, operation and taxation, Seychelles adopts international business company law, but a simpler version in this respect, requiring companies to disclose less information.


  • Companies established in Seychelles can be listed on major stock exchanges;
  • Seychelles International Business Company’s offshore business activities and transactions do not require tax declaration and payment;
  • Company names in Chinese can be used;
  • The economic and trade environment of Seychelles is very stable, and the government does not disclose the identity of company shareholders and directors;
  • No exchange control.

Company Registration Requirements:

  • Company shareholder/director: at least one shareholder, director, no nationality restriction;
  • Registered capital: nominal capital is generally US$1,000,000, in any currency, and registered capital does not need to be actually in place;
  • Registered address: The registered address must be located in Seychelles;
  • Company name: The Seychelles government does not have many restrictions on the company name, as long as the selected name is not the same or too similar to a registered name; if the company name needs to use words related to a government, financial insurance, etc, a relevant licence will be required;
  • Registered agent: A registered office and registered agent established in Seychelles must be appointed.

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Offshore Price List

List of Items


Company Search 150
Annual Retainer Fee 400
Change of Company Name 350
Increase of Number of Shares 350
Adopt new M&A 350
Change of Director 150
Change of Shareholder 150
Registration of Charge 300
Registration of Cessation of Charges 250
Certificate of Incumbency 120
Certificate of Good Standing 120
Named Company Secretary 800
Nominee Director Fee (Corporate) 750
Nominee Shareholder Fee (Corporate) 500
Bank Authorized Signatories 250
Annual Government Fee 100
Transfer-in of RARO 400
Transfer-out of RARO 400
Dissolution 900

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