Labuan, Malaysia

Setting up a Trading Company in Labuan jurisdiction is an ideal choice as it offers a wide range of business activities permissible under the regulation of Labuan Financial Services Authority. Additionally, Labuan jurisdiction, being a midshore jurisdiction, offers the provision of dealing with the local market which is subjected to the local tax regime.

Labuan Investment Holding Company (IHC) offers 100% foreign ownership which is one of the key propositions to attracting many business owners to acquire overseas businesses, stocks and even real estates while enjoying ZERO tax! All dividends received are ZERO tax subject however any foreign capital gains and rental proceeds are taxable in respective jurisdictions of the real estates. Occasional stocks holding will be 0% tax on its capital gain.

Labuan is an offshore jurisdiction popular for 

Protect Your Financial Future with Labuan’s Attractive Regulatory Environment

  • Access to Malaysia’s Double Tax Agreements with over 80 countries;
  • Taxation of 3% of net audited profits, if the company is undertaking trading activities;
  • Companies carrying a non-trading activities will not be taxed, i.e. 0%;
  • Trading licenses not required for businesses involving trading, e-commerce, import, export or consultancy;
  • Both local and international trading permitted;
  • Local trading tax rate 24%;
  • No Withholding Tax on Dividend, Interest, Management, Technical and Royalty Free;
  • Simple set up with only one Director and Shareholder required. Both positions can be held by the same individual;
  • Shelf companies are available for swift business setup or turnkey project.
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Incorporation Fee

USD 3250


  • Formation of Labuan Company
    with paid up capital more than
    RM50,000 but less than
    RM1,000,000 and standardize
    Memorandum and Articles of
  • Provision on 1 st year Secretary
    and Registered Office Fees
  • Provision on 1 st year Secretary
    and Registered Office Fees
Annual Retainer Fee

USD 2910 p.a.


  • Annual Secretary, Registered
  • Annual Government Fee
  • Filing of Annual Return and
    Annual Tax Return
  • Disbursement – Traveling,
    Carrier, and Printing
Optional Services
  • Services for Opening of One
    Bank Account in Labuan @ USD 850
  • Amendment of Standardized
    M&AA from  USD 1,300
  • Custodian Fee for Share
    Certificates @ USD 150 p.a.

Register Your Labuan Company in 3 Steps:

Step 1: Submit Required Information
1. Company Name (please provide three (3) preferred names in order of preference). Alternatively,
you may consider acquiring a shelf company. We could send you available list of shelf company
upon request.
2. Description of business activities
3. A brief business plan
4. Company structure and name of company officer(s) and shareholder(s) including
– NRIC/Passport copy;
– Residential Address Proof (e.g. utility bill, phone bill, bank statement not older than 3 months);
– Professional Reference Letter;
– A Copy of CV;
5. Sources of Income
Step 2: Choose Your Payment Method
We accept payment by Credit/Debit Card, PayPal or Wire Transfer.
Step 3: Start Doing Business with Your New Company
Soft copies of the Certificate of Incorporation, Business Registration, Memorandum and Articles of Association, and other related documentation will be forwarded to you.

We also provide ad hoc services such as Change of Company Name, Increase of Number of Shares, Change of Director and many more.

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