British Virgin Islands (BVI)

The British Virgin Islands is one of the most popular regions for offshore registration. A BVI company does not need to pay taxes and is not subject to foreign exchange control. The local government requires very little information related to the submission of deposit, therefore attracting many multinational companies and individuals.

Incorporation Packages


  • Stable economic and trade environment;
  • Good financial and legal facilities to facilitate the establishment and development of various types of financial institutions or foundations;
  • The government protects the interests of shareholders and disclosure of the identity of beneficiaries is not necessary;
  • To encourage economic development and attract foreign investment, one person can completely own a limited company;
  • The government provides privacy protection for all enterprises, and the information of directors is strictly confidential;
  • Low tax rate and tax control;
  • No auditor’s report is required, only information to reflect financial standing;
  • Profits from operations in other places are not taxable;
  • Bank accounts can be opened all over the world in the name of offshore companies;
  • The follow-up service is simple and confidential, which is convenient for financing and listing.

Company Registration Requirements:

  • The company name must end with “limited”, such as: LIMITED, CORPORATION, INCORPORATED or abbreviations. The company name cannot end with “trust company”, “bank” or other words deemed to have a similar meaning;
  • One or more directors, which can be legal entities or natural persons of any nationality;
  • The standard registered capital of the company is US$50,000 (the capital does not need to be verified), divided into 50,000 shares of US$1 each, if the capital exceeds US$50,000, the government shall charge a stamp duty of US$1350;
  • The company’s registered address must be in the British Virgin Islands;
  • The board of directors can meet in any country or participate in such meetings through agents;
  • The British Virgin Islands company must have its own company seal, and the style of the company seal must be reported to the Companies Registry.

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Prices below are all quoted in USD.

Adhoc Services

List of Items


Add in Chinese Name 100
Change of Company Name 350
Assist in opening Bank Account in Singapore 350
Bank Authorized Signatories 300
Nominee Director Fee (Corporate) 750
Nominee Shareholder Fee (Corporate) 500
Annual retainer fee – Corporate Secretarial 450
Annual retainer fee – Register Agent and Registered Office 300
Increase of Number of Shares (Total no. of shares no more than 50,000) 500
Increase of Number of Shares (Total no. of shares more than 50,000) 1,100
Adopt new M&A 300
Change of Director (With filing of ROD) 250
Registration of Charges 450
Registration of Cessation of Charges 300
Dissolution 2,500
Certificate of Registered Agent 150
Certificate of Incumbency 150
Certificate of Good Standing 200
Company Search 150
Restoration – Within 6 months 950
Restoration – Over 6 months 2,100

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