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With our global headquarters out from Singapore, RockVentures provides offshore company incorporation and management services to our clients around the world.

RockVentures is supported by an experienced team of advisers averaging more than 10 years in experience. Through their extensive business network, we support our international clientele in structuring their business operations through offshore companies.

Our Leadership

Jaclyn Choon
Jaclyn ChoonDirector
Jaclyn is a leading expert in offshore company and trust services, having her successful career all within the corporate services industry. Her keen insight and extensive knowledge is core towards RockVentures bringing to our clients the professional level of advice required by them. Jaclyn leads the advisory and execution teams at RockVentures in Singapore, and is currently also one of the key principals of the company.

An avid vintage collector during her rare free time, as well as char kuey teow connoisseur.

Darren Ku
Darren KuDirector
Darren has more than 12 years of experience in corporate advisory and has helped advise more than a thousand businesses in Singapore. He started his career moving up the ranks at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and was previously a Finance Manager at International Enterprise Singapore prior to venturing out on his own.

Darren also gets a huge kick when he has clients walking up to him with a smile. “I am happy when I hear my clients say that they made a good decision based on our advice.” For Darren, success is not defined by money, recognition, fame and power.

“Success is how much we are contributing to others, to our clients, to the industry, our country and society, and to mankind as a whole. If we live with sincerity, all good things will come back.”

RockVentures is a joint venture of PreceptsGroup and VentureHaven.

Working together to provide the best-in-class offshore incorporation and advisory services for our clients.

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Reputable Singapore incorporation & corporate services provider, with more than 2,000 companies with annual compliance & accounting.

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The Right Consultative Approach to Help Our Clients.

By first understanding the offshore requirements of the clients, and then proposing the relevant solutions towards their needs.


Understanding Your Requirements

Through needs-based discussions and initial research.

By truly showing care and understanding for the client's needs

Offshore incorporation is a complex process, that requires first a thorough understanding of the needs of the client.

Needs Based Consultation

We propose the most appropriate strategy after thorough research and understading.

Proposing only what is Important to the Client

The client’s objectives are key towards identifying the right jurisdictions and company structure – we propose only after thorough research and understanding.

Continuous Support & Engagement

Ensuring that the companies and structure remains relevant and compliant.

We ensure your company is relevant, always.

Our client management team ensures that your company’s structure remains relevant with ever-changing regulatory chances, and compliance is met at all times.

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